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With its affiliate program, AstroPay hopes to accelerate its growth

AstroPay has unveiled a new Global Affiliates Program that will aid the company in generating more revenue and expanding the market for both its own product and the partner companies it is collaborating with. This mirrors AstroPay's larger goals of connecting with new worldwide audiences and establishing itself as a reliable affiliate partner.

With its affiliate program, AstroPay hopes to accelerate its growth

Geographic Outreach Expansion

The company's program offers a 20% share commission on every new user that joins the platform and makes use of it.

Leonardo Alonso, the head of affiliates at AstroPay, welcomed the chance and said it marks a significant shift in how the company will conduct business moving forward. Alonso encouraged experts in the field of affiliate marketing to collaborate with the business and stated:

" We are very excited to collaborate with anyone who is professionally committed to affiliate marketing. "

According to the executive, partners will be rewarded with a strong partnership that creates and adds value over time. AstroPay has always been very ambitious about the scope of its program. The business announced that it will make the affiliate option available to customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Local experts will work hard to provide customers with help in their native tongues in these regions.

The executive continued, "This will also optimize cross-border payments." Fayyaz Ansari was most recently hired by AstroPay to serve as its new CFO. AstroPay reacted favorably to the new hire, with firm CEO Mikael Lijtenstein delighted to welcome the new executive to the ranks of the payment service.

Choosing the Correct Experts

Ansari has 20 years of experience working in the financial sector, making him a seasoned professional. He has held positions with businesses that compete with PwC, including Skrill Neteller, Income Access, and Skrill. He will now play a crucial part as the business looks to grow and reach new markets.

This hunger for growth will work well with the recently unveiled affiliate scheme, which is intended to assist direct customer interest and secure more new sign-ups.