How to rank in search engine results with SEO in 2022

The best way to increase traffic by focusing on organic visitors is search engine optimization (SEO). You will be able to publish search engine results in 2022 easily after reading this article, despite all the improvements that have occurred.

This comprehensive SEO tip will put you on top of the first results, whether you're one of the people using Google or Bing as your primary search engine. The best place to learn SEO is here.

How to rank in search engine results with SEO in 2022

You may not have heard of what you will read today in the field of SEO, or you may have heard about it but haven't tried it, so everything you will see in this guide we have tested in various fields and languages, whether Arab or foreign sites, and you will be able to lead the search engine Google as number #1 and Bing as number #2 because each search engine has something that sets it apart from the other, as well as the techniques we will use to top the Google and Bing.

The Google search engine will be our main emphasis in this SEO course because it still receives the majority of global searches.

If you follow this tutorial through to the finish and put everything it says to use, even if you are a newbie with no prior experience in the subject of SEO, you will be able to become competent in it.

Before we start, what is SEO?

SEO refers to the process of building websites for search engine optimization, or optimizing website pages in accordance with search engine guidelines so that they rank among the top results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is dependent upon the elements your website needs to possess in order to perform well in search engines.

Although Google did not completely disclose these characteristics, you can use the advice we'll give you today to rank top in search engine results.

Let's now discover the SEO secrets:

1- SEO 2022: Artificial Intelligence.

Google stated that artificial intelligence, or "RankBrain," had risen to the third position as a ranking determinant in 2017. Additionally, beginning in 2022, people became aware that "RankBrain" was one of the elements used by Google to determine the order of websites.

So, what exactly is "RankBrain" and how can I optimize my website so that it appears higher in Google's search results?

Google uses an artificial mechanism called RankBrain to organize its search results. This system is supported by a number of variables, the most significant of which are: Some of the most crucial elements form the foundation of this system.

This system's job is to examine and quantify how people interact with search results, and then organize web pages in accordance with that interaction.

I'll use a practical example to help you fully comprehend "RankBrain."

what exactly is RankBrain 2022

Let’s say that the customer searched for the word “Amazon Affiliate” and ignored result #1 and clicked on result #3, and the best part of this is that he stayed on the website for better than 3 minutes…

Here's what happens: "RankBrain" will signal to Google that result #3 is the best result for the word "Amazon Affiliate". After a week or so, it will be ranked #1 number one in the Google search engine.

Therefore, if you are a person interested in the field of SEO, you should focus more and more on “RankBrain”.

A visitor's length of stay on your website and CTR are the only two factors that "RankBrain" takes into account, so do not worry.

After conducting numerous tests in 2020 and the first few months of 2021, I was able to discover a way to encourage visitors to stay on my website longer.

The process is really simple.

Find the finest video related to your post's topic on YouTube. For instance, if you are writing about "SEO and what are the greatest ways to gain backlinks," look for the best YouTube sources to obtain a high-quality backlink and include the video in your article (On the condition that the video should be very valuable and useful in order to ensure that the visitor remains on your page).

Good, we've now made sure the visitor will stay on my page for a while. But how do I get him to click on my page in the Google search results at first?

You should be aware that the "title and description" are all that the user sees in the search engine, so strive to make them stand out to encourage them to click on your page and so increase your "CTR."

Maybe you don't yet realize how crucial increasing "CTR" is to boost your Google search engine rating. If you view this tutorial!

2- Backlinks

In the realm of SEO, the end is just the start. After finishing the article, you need to start building quality backlinks and obtaining "Social Signals" for any postings you make on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.

Backlinks continue to be a crucial consideration, particularly in the case of the search engine "Bing," despite the fact that all factors used by Google and Bing to rank search results have altered since 2012. After extensive testing, I found that, in contrast to Google, Bing does not place as much importance on backlink quality. Bing prioritizes quantity above quality, however, this does not imply you should spam your site with backlinks or else your site will be penalized.

1- What is a backlink?

Let's first agree that a backlink (also known as an external link) is a collection of connections that go to your website from other websites in order to direct that website's visitors to your blog or website.

Build your backlink through social media

The Backlink. It makes a difference between sites and is regarded as one of the most important criteria for ranking search results and reaching the top where the first results are, if the number of links is more and stronger, the greater the strength of your site in global search engines such as Bing and yahoo, and the most important of them is google Google.

A crucial issue before we begin: If your site is brand-new and has not been active for two months, I do not recommend that you establish backlinks quickly. If you do, your site will become a source of uncertainty, which is bad for you. Therefore, if your site hasn't been listed for two months yet, relying on "Social Signals" first is the greatest method I've found. After that, increase your backlinks to a maximum of two per day, and at this time, prioritize quality over quantity because it is your site's future that will be decided.

2- Build your backlink through social media

The ideal approach to get started is through social media, specifically "Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest," as doing so ensures a high-quality backlink as well as traffic and "Social Signals," which are now a crucial ranking element for search engines.

The finest websites for simultaneously obtaining traffic and high-quality backlinks are:

  • YouTube: The ideal platform for you to send signals to search engines, deliver highly targeted and high-quality traffic, and most importantly, obtain a very useful backlink is YouTube if you have the ability to make video content.

  • Twitter: Particularly in seasonal queries that are tied to a certain time, such as searches for live broadcasts, breaking news, series, talk programs, etc., Twitter is the social network with the greatest influence on website results in search engines. Most significantly, the quality of the backlink you receive will improve the more your tweets are shared. You may purchase posts. It's crucial that the account you "Retweet" is at least a few years old so that search engines won't suspect you.

  • Pinterest: What do you think about getting both top Google Images results and a high-quality backlink? I suggest sharing your images on "Pinterest" if you're interested. Because Pinterest is internally tailored for search engine bots, which makes it more prominent in search results than other sites that are deemed Closed Communities where the Bots cannot freely travel, it stands out from rival websites in the same area, such as Instagram or Flickr.

  • Medium: In actuality, this website serves more than just getting a hyperlink. Without owning a site, you can still use the "Medium" site's authority to issue search results for really difficult terms like "iPhone 13 Review." You can add backlinks to this website and write articles for it. Therefore, I suggest that you start by creating a high-quality post with more than 1000 words for your website, which will then attract visitors and "Social Signals" from Twitter and YouTube. Put a search engine archive on it. Go to the "Medium" website after that, copy the crucial parts of your post there, and create an "anchor-text" for the keyphrase you want to rank for with your site.

Get backlinks now, irrespective of the kind... Archive your content in search engines for your "Medium" piece that contains hyperlinks to your website till the backlinks that your site will use are archived. You should archive your webpage after two days.

3- Internal SEO - OnPage SEO

Because of their significance, backlinks were listed before internal SEO, however even if you have the best backlinks, you won't be able to publish search engine results without internal SEO.

speed of the template

The ranking of search results is significantly impacted by the speed of the template for your website. Possibly someone is now wondering how template speed relates to search results. The solution is pretty straightforward: imagine that you are a website visitor who finds it frustratingly slow to load pages and graphics. Will you continue to visit this site?

You'll undoubtedly succeed in doing so. You reading this essay is the simplest illustration of this. It indicates that you have read up until this point. If the site is slow, you won't be able to finish reading, which obviously results in a higher bounce rate for your website and a consequent decline in search engine rankings.

Add an attractive name and description to your blog

Important factors that pertain to enhancing the site's internal SEO include the blog's title and description. By navigating to the settings and selecting the basic option, you can add a description and a title to the blog. From there, you can create the title and description. Yoast Seo can be used if you use WordPress. You can perform the following if you use Blogger:

Add an attractive name and description to your blog

The time the visitor remains on the site.

The goal of session duration is to encourage visitors to stay on your website for as long as they can, whether that be on the same page or on other pages. Additionally, make an effort to write in a way that draws the reader in, add visuals to help the reader understand what you are presenting, and finally, include links in your articles to other, similar articles on your website.

Website photos

It is impossible to undervalue the Google image search engine, through which many visitors arrive at your website. As a result, always be sure that the images on your website are respectable, good, and of high quality, as well as include the keyword in these images. They should also be scaled down to fit the site and to help your website load faster. Additionally, I strongly suggest using the website "," which will enable you to significantly reduce the size of the photographs by a percentage of up to 70% without compromising their quality.


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