how affiliate marketing can attract clients from tiny businesses

According to Natasha Griffiths, global marketing manager for Awin Access, providing your clients with solutions that deliver new and active audiences is a surefire way to win them over. Affiliate marketing is a terrific approach to support the online growth of your smaller clients because it has cheap costs, little risk, and amazing ROIs.

The estimated value of the global affiliate marketing market in 2022 is $12 billion, and as more small businesses diversify into the industry, it is quickly emerging as a reliable and efficient method for SMEs to expand their online presence.

how affiliate marketing can attract clients from small businesses

Since affiliate marketing currently receives an average of 15% of firm marketing expenditures, agencies wanting to support smaller online clients—who could have lower budgets and strong personal investments—can provide them with the tools to achieve exceptional outcomes through affiliate marketing.

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Through partners like price comparison websites, coupon code websites, bloggers, and influencers, your smaller customers can access the same choice of online partners and audience numbers that larger firms enjoy. This gives them the opportunity to connect with large, relevant audiences that they might not otherwise be able to reach through traditional marketing channels.

An added benefit for your smaller but growing clients, however, is that they can make really meaningful connections with nano and micro-influencers or content creators with fiercely loyal and trusting audiences. Engagement rates and conversions from this kind of relationship can be exactly what a smaller business needs to get manageable but impactful results. What’s more, forming a strong relationship early on means that your client will grow along with their choice of an influencer as they become more popular. Presenting options that really show you understand your client, their industry, and the types of partnerships that they could benefit from will stand you in good stead when recommending options and getting them invested.

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When it comes to getting results and managing performance, affiliate marketing is frequently thought of as something that larger organizations should take advantage of. But in recent years, entry-level solutions that are easy to use for novices and small enterprises have begun to alter the landscape, making it easier for those who need it most to enter the digital world.

It only takes a few simple steps to set up and integrate an affiliate program with the popular eCommerce hosts used by smaller online businesses (such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce), and your client could be up and running establishing connections with websites, bloggers, or media outlets within hours.

Budget buy

Budgets and the client's personal interest in the return on investment will undoubtedly be top of mind for you to gain approvals when it comes to presenting proposals to your smaller clientele. Affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance compared to other online marketing platforms like Google Ads, which charge regardless of results. Small business affiliate programs have monthly expenses of as little as £75; all additional payments are made only when your client's chosen online partners successfully generate sales and according to pre-determined compensation rates.

If you're looking for ways to show your client that you're worth their money in terms of value for their money, affiliate marketing has the tools to support you in doing so. The small business affiliate community benefits from a £12 return for every £1 spent.

Keeping it always fresh

Maintaining the quality of your product, assisting in client retention, and presenting intriguing new marketing possibilities will keep customers interested in your expertise. A risk-averse yet exciting opportunity to broaden your client's digital mix and keep them enthusiastic about dealing with you is provided by affiliate marketing. With relatively short commitment periods and hassle-free cancellations, tried-and-true affiliate solutions designed exclusively for smaller businesses or newbies are frequently a cheap and risk-free option to enter the affiliate marketing industry.

Knowing that your clients can quickly stop if they want to, you can suggest with confidence that they are brave and give it a try. The greatest integrated marketing alternatives, reporting tailored exclusively for agencies, and reports that provide targeted suggestions of the best partners to link your clients with are all wonderful advantages offered by affiliate marketing platforms.

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