Five Current Affiliate Marketing Program Trends to Know

Many businesses use the well-liked promotion tactic of affiliate marketing. Many businesses employ the well-liked promotion tactic of affiliate marketing. By 2022, Statista projects that spending on affiliate marketing will total $ 8.2 billion in the US alone. And this is three times more when compared to the data from ten years ago.

It may be quite successful. To do this, you must provide users with something fresh and engaging. Therefore, we will discuss the affiliate marketing trends that will help you differentiate yourself from the competitors in 2020. So today we will see the 5 best affiliate marketing trends in 2022

the 5 best affiliate marketing program trends

Audio content

Internet audio is listened to by 68% of Americans. 192 million people, to be exact. The amount of time spent listening to online audio has increased significantly since 2009. This tendency is influenced by a variety of things. In particular, the introduction of numerous hip apps and excellent smart speakers have made it simpler to produce and distribute micro-audio content.

A characteristic of audio content is that users engage with it less than they do with video. Being able to draw attention is essential as result. Podcasts can be used to deploy audio material in the context of affiliate marketing. 55% of Americans give them a listen. An interactive affiliate link that you add to the podcast might be used to make a note.

Convenient user interface

The simplicity of the checkout procedure is a key determining factor. The user interface must therefore be continually enhanced. Additionally, keep in mind the trends and CRM technologies. The frequent use of mobile devices establishes the urgent requirement for adequate site and application adaptation. The following things need to be taken into consideration in particular:

  • On all kinds of devices, the website or application runs consistently and smoothly.
  • High responsiveness and quick resource loading.
  • a straightforward consumer experience from site entry to order placement.
  • the usage of connected cards to complete the buying cycle.

all the way to one-handed checkout, the mobile user experience is being constantly improved.

An Australian company's study found that 15% of marketers claim that more than 50% of their revenues originate from mobile platforms. According to experts, the trend will continue to grow. especially as a result of the development of mobile devices and the accessibility and excellence of the Internet.

In affiliate marketing, projecting a positive image is crucial. If your article has typos, you cannot accomplish this.

Voice search

The use of searches without screen interaction is expected to rise by up to 30% in 2020, according to experts. Voice searches will become more prevalent. An affiliate marketing strategy should, in light of this situation, also contain the proper SEO optimization operations. It seems sensible to include more detailed and extended questions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a very expansive and scalable concept. It encompasses a wide range of human endeavors, enabling the use of technology wherever. Affiliate promotion is no different.

The ability to automate numerous jobs is artificial intelligence's fundamental benefit. They are faster and more effective than people thanks to technology. Many tasks can be completed by artificial intelligence rather than by employees. Savings in work time. Businesses can use it for more vital things, like deploying inside sales tools to close more deals efficiently inside the office.

Five Current Affiliate Program Trends to Know

Moreover, data and artificial intelligence function well together. First of all, he is adept at gathering them independently. Additionally, it is possible to automatically gather particular information. Artificial intelligence can assess user activity data by gathering it, analyzing it, and offering concise recommendations.

Potential applications in affiliate marketing:

  • advice on how to design and improve mobile advertising.
  • Chatbots for operational user interaction.
  • conversion optimization through traffic source analysis. Data is gathered, evaluated, and recommendations are made using artificial intelligence to omit the least effective. The budget for advertising is being maximized.
  • the creation of user-specific smart connections.
  • Fraud prevention through evaluation of marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • content administration.
  • marketing analysis, such as A/B testing.

Video content

Video is a content format that is rapidly expanding. Users utilize high-quality Internet more and more as it becomes more widely available. Research backs this up:

  • Users like to watch videos to learn more about new goods and services—72 percent. 
  • A video prompted 84% of respondents in one research to make a purchase.
  • 95% of users remember the call to action after viewing the video. The percentage for text format is 10%. 
  • The amount of video information viewed each day is expected to rise by 9 minutes, according to experts. People will watch 84 minutes of video every day by 2020.
  • What Product Should I Buy? was typed in by consumers twice as frequently in 2018 compared to 2017. They looked through videos.

As a result, it is quite vital to incorporate this content style into your affiliate marketing plan. The company must locate the best affiliates. Examples include Facebook group administrators, YouTube viewers, vloggers, TikTok influencers, Instagram Stories, SmartMoneyMatch investments, and others. Additionally, you can upload videos to your blog and website.

Possible types of rollers:

  • Videos demonstrating the use of the product.
  • Unpacking.
  • Special / better product functions.
  • Instructional videos.

Preparation is necessary before producing video material. Give your business partner product details. Particularly if it is novel or particular. In order for the partner to effectively introduce the product to the audience, it is also advised that you supply product samples.

Also, get ready:

  • Referral links or Promotional codes
  • Accurate pricing and sales
  • A logo for the video

Whatever the kind of your firm, this format will work. It could be an item, a service, or an info item. It makes it simple to explain to customers the worth of your purchase. Therefore, whether you run an internet business or sell cosmetics, the information will be applicable to you.


A successful marketing strategy is affiliate marketing. It is in demand because of this. Today's businesses must learn how to differentiate themselves from the competition. In 2020, the aforementioned trends will command attention. So, by including them in your own affiliate marketing strategy, your campaign's effectiveness will undoubtedly grow.

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