3 Ways Working for Yourself Could Transform Your Life

I'll admit that I was hesitant to make the switch to freelancing when I first gave up a paying career years ago. After all, I was exchanging the stability of a regular salary for an unpredictable income and a lack of benefits.

3 Ways Working for Yourself Could

In spite of the fact that I experienced a few "what the hell are you doing?" moments in the early stages of my freelance work, I was still able to make that decision with a reasonable amount of assurance. I took sure to increase the amount in my savings account before leaving my full-time job, and I also made sure to secure a few clients before resigning. I may therefore anticipate a modest quantity of labor.

I can state with certainty that I'm delighted I made the decision to become a freelancer now, many years later. And if you've been debating, here are a few particular, life-altering advantages you might experience if you choose a similar course of action.

You can relocate to a new city or nation without suffering consequences

My desire to leave New York City, where my job was based, contributed to my decision to switch to freelance work. I ended up relocating to a part of New Jersey where commuting would have been theoretically possible but tedious and unpleasant. However, I wanted the freedom to be able to pack up and move wherever I pleased because at the time I wasn't sure if I'd stay in New Jersey (I relocated there to be with my now-husband).

The benefit of freelancing is that. You have the freedom to move anywhere in the country if you want access to greater space, better weather, or reduced living expenses because you are not tied to a particular region. If you're interested in doing so, you could even consider spending some time living abroad.

You can handle running a home and raising kids more easily

I just had to look after a small puppy when I first started working freelance. I now have a large dog that likes to demand my attention, three small children who need to be fed and taken to various locations, like school and activities, and (and will seriously plant his giant head in my lap until I get up from my desk and take him for walks). I also need time in my week to take care of other domestic duties including the laundry, which mysteriously never gets done unless I get up and do it.

Being a freelancer has many benefits, like scheduling flexibility so I can take care of my family's demands and household chores without jeopardizing my job. I can work when it's most convenient for me because I'm not obligated to specific hours, even if that means working on the weekends if my weekdays are busy.

Due to the freedom required, becoming a freelancer may make parenting easier if you have kids. And doing so might enable you to achieve better equilibrium.

You can be satisfied with the task you are performing

I have the choice to decline writing a tale about a subject that utterly bores me. When you work for a salary, you typically have to follow instructions. As a result, you can find yourself bored, unhappy, or otherwise dissatisfied at work.

Being a freelancer allows you to propose meaningful work in addition to choosing the employment you do. To be fair, some businesses do a terrific job of allowing staff suggests projects to pursue. However, you might have a lot more options as a freelancer to accomplish a job you genuinely enjoy.

It should be noted that while I obviously support freelancing, it's not for everyone. Without the structure of a full-time job, you can suffer if you have trouble managing your time. And if you don't have a sizable financial safety net, you can discover that having a fluctuating income makes it challenging to meet your expenditures. Otherwise, though, you should give freelancing a shot, especially if you've been wanting to. You might discover that it contributes to a higher quality of life overall.

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