Bluehost website hosting review 10 Pros and Cons

Did you know that Bluehost provides website hosting for more than 2.5 million websites?

This is a very grand number!

When so many users upload their websites to Bluehost, it means that it does a rather good job!

But since you are in this article, the fact that you are here indicates that you are eagerly awaiting an in-depth analysis of BlueHost. As a result, we will uncover all of the benefits and drawbacks of BlueHost that have been kept a secret from you.

Bluehost website hosting reviews

So make sure to read this review all the way through—I guarantee you'll learn everything there is to know about the Bluehost hosting provider!

Before we begin the review, you should be aware that the Bluehost hosting firm offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the service and offers technical assistance through chat 24 hours a day to help you rapidly solve any of your technical difficulties through chat!

Who is Bluehost Hosting for?

One of the biggest and most established hosting providers in the world, Bluehost offers hosting and domains for websites. Since its founding by Matt Hutton in 2003, Bluehost has gained a reputation as the leading provider of hosting services.

You should be aware that Bluehost is a sizable corporation listed on the global stock exchange and is controlled by the global EIG group, a hosting industry specialist. The biggest hosting providers in the world are owned by EIG, including:

  • FatCow
  • JustHost
  • Bluehost
  • iPage
  • and others...

Pros and cons of Bluehost hosting:

In this article, we'll attempt to list Bluehost's benefits as well as its disadvantages, which nobody will discuss with you.

1- Uptime for the site all year round is (99.96%)

You should be aware that Uptime is the most important criterion in determining whether a hosting service is good or terrible. To put it simply, Uptime refers to the average amount of time that a website can operate uninterrupted.

The uptime rate is 99.93% On the average global host, so we won't accept anything less than a 99.93 percent uptime rate.

Uptime for the site all year round for Bluehost

Fortunately, according to Pingdom's rating, Bluehost's Uptime is 99.96%, making it currently better than most hosts.

Here is the average Bluehost uptime in the past months:

  • January 2021: 100%
  • February 2021: 100%
  • March 2021: 99.98%
  • April 2021: 99.99%
  • May 2021: 99.90%
  • June 2021: 100%
  • July 2021: 99.98%
  • August 2021: 99.99%
  • September 2021: 100%
  • October 2021: 99.67%
  • November 2021: 100%
  • December 2021: 99.98%

2- website speed

According to an analysis conducted by Google, I saw that the speedier your site, the higher your conversion rate, and your bounce rate lowered by 32%.

In conclusion, if your website is slow, you will lose 32% of your visitors, which could eventually result in big losses!

As you are aware, a significant factor in the speed of your website is the hosting server's speed. We do not advise using free hosting because its drawbacks outweigh its advantages the weaker the hosting, the slower your site will load!

So, we conducted a quick test to determine the hosting provider's speed, and the results—which came in at 641 ms—were better than we had anticipated.

3- Price

Let's face it, when purchasing hosting, price is the first thing we consider.

Therefore, it was important to compare Bluehost rates in order to assist you in finding the best deal on Bluehost hosting and also receive a free domain of your choice!

Although Bluehost's regular monthly cost is $8.99, there are numerous ways to obtain a better deal!

Participating in the 3-year offer is the first trick.

In addition to receiving a great price of $3.99 instead of $8.99 each month when you sign up with Bluehost for three years, you will also never have to worry about making a monthly payment again!

Utilizing discount links is the second trick.

Since you are a visitor to the marketer's hosting, we decided to bring you one of these offers so that you can benefit from Bluehost. The price will be $2.95 per month instead of $8.99, and the best part is that you will receive a domain of your choice for free! Bluehost offers discounts on its packages on a regular basis that can reach 75%.

4- Transform your WordPress site for free

If you already have a website and want to move it from your current hosting to Bluehost, but you're worried about the costs of doing so since they may top $500!

I'm delighted to inform you that Bluehost allows free migration of your whole website from any hosting provider to BlueHost.

All you have to do is get in touch with Bluehost support through this page, and they will take care of all the technical issues.

Note: It may take about 1-2 days to convert your entire site max

Bluehost  Convert your WordPress site for free

Note: If you wish to convert five sites as part of this bundle and have more than one site, it can cost you roughly $149.

5- Protection and important features

As Bluehost is considered to be among the cheapest hosts on the market, the quality or protection that is essential to every hosting has not been affected.

In addition, Bluehost and Cloudflare have a collaboration that enables them to offer a cloud solution for your website. This is done to defend sites against hacker attacks or to boost the hosting capacity of many users.

The reality that BlueHost is one of the hosts recommended by WordPress and allows a one-click WordPress install makes it one of a kind. This feature enables you to download WordPress with the press of a button and without the need for a programming experience.

6- Easy to use for beginners

There are hosts that are stronger and better than Bluehost, we won't argue that, but they are more complicated to operate and call for programming expertise. By offering a number of benefits, such as One-Click WordPress install, which enables you to install WordPress with the click of a button, and the Bluehost Cpanel interface, one of the easiest interfaces that allow you to access all the tools you need, BlueHost has been designed to be used by anyone, whether a beginner or a professional.

The wonderful thing about Bluehost is that it does not require you to download WordPress on the website; rather, it gives you access to all the tools you require to create an integrated website, whether you choose to do so manually through coding or using website builder tools like Drupal and others.

However, Bluehost also gives professionals their own interfaces so they may customize the website's code to their liking.

7- A 30-day money-back guarantee

For those who wish to try the Bluehost service but are unsure about it, Bluehost offers a complete refund service in the event that you are not satisfied with the service supplied to you.

But in order to maintain transparency, which is our responsibility, you should be aware of the following information regarding Bluehost's money-refunding feature:

  • You should be aware that Bluehost's Refind only supports hosting-related services; it does not support the domain you purchase from them.

  • Bluehost will give you a complete refund if you utilize the free domain it has given you, but it will remove $15 because you will be keeping the domain from your refund because you used it.

8- WordPress ranks Bluehost as one of the best hosts

However, WordPress itself describes Bluehost hosting as one of the finest hosts for users who want to build WordPress sites but are looking for a hosting that is 100% compatible with WordPress. We hardly ever discover a WordPress site that recommends a host.

If you want to host your WordPress site, these are some of the hosts WordPress suggests:

Disadvantages of Bluehost hosting and everything you need to know

Now that we understand the benefits of this hosting, we will now know about the disadvantages of Bluehost, which no one in this field will disclose.

1- High price during renewal

seeing that the low cost compared to the capabilities it gives, Bluehost stands out as the best hosting provider. However, if your subscription expires, the cost of Bluehost increases significantly. each month, although some people think this price is outrageous!

In order to receive the biggest discount from Bluehost, make sure to sign up for the 3-year package. You should also be aware of the renewal pricing, whether it be with Bluehost or another hosting provider.

And this image displays Bluehost's costs following renewal:

Bluehost high price during renewal

2- Limitations in a version for Basic

The Basic shared hosting plan from Bluehost has some significant limitations.

Bluehost purposefully forces you to select the Plus version over the Basic version due to the limitations they place on you in the Basic version, such as the fact that you can only create one site on the hosting. This is disastrous because we want to host all of our sites on the same hosting, so if you want to create multiple sites, you should choose the Plus version. Make sure to buy a copy of Plus and not Basic for the same hosting. You only need a copy of Basic if you simply want to construct one site.

Bluehost Limitations in a version for Basic


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