Affiliate Marketing: best 9 Affiliate Sites in 2022

Most often, every marketer is always looking to increase his profits, but at the same time he seeks to ensure that his profits are taken from the site after earning them, so in this article, we will share with you the best and truest 9 affiliate sites that you can work with as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing: best 9 Affiliate Sites in 2022

Recently, the field of affiliate marketing has become very famous, whether “CPA or CPS”. It is becoming one of the easiest ways to profit from the internet, which does not require much experience, as you can achieve thousands of dollars a day as soon as you create your successful campaign, where you can launch it and profit while you sleep, by dealing with the best and most famous affiliate marketing companies in the world, and which I will share with you in this article.


ClickBank is considered one of the best global companies, this is due to the high quality of its services, and without talking about its credibility, there is no doubt about it. In addition to the ease of work, the marketer only needs to copy the link of the product he wants to market directly, and this is what distinguishes him from the rest of the sites, this is a big advantage as he can achieve an amount of more than $100 in commission by selling one product.

Clickbank Marketplace

I will not explain to you the intuitive steps to register on the Clickbank website here, you can do it yourself and then start marketing its products, they are all simple and ordinary.

Start with Clickbank here: Clickbank


The company "CPABuild" is also one of the famous companies in the field of affiliate marketing, which contains many good offers. What I like about “CPABuild” and” CpaGrip” is they accept beginners and give them the opportunity to venture into the field of affiliate marketing and earn money.

Start with CPABuild hereCPABuild

Amazon Affiliate

In fact, Amazon does not need identification, as it is one of the largest American e-commerce sites in the world.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon gives online employees and marketers the chance to work from home by selling Amazon products for a commission of between 4 and 15 %. The site has a strong reputation for paying profits on time and delivering goods to customers' homes around-the-clock, wherever in the world.

Start with Amazon here: Amazon Affiliate


In the "Clickbooth" there are all kinds of offers and in several specialties as well. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the field of affiliate marketing. Although "Clickbooth" does not accept beginners. But if you are good at persuasion, you can join the company with just one phone call.

Start with Clickbooth hereClickbooth

Commission Junction Affiliate

Cj company is considered one of the best and most prestigious affiliate marketing companies in the world. So that it is distinguished by the confidence gained through the quality of services provided to customers and marketers, the length of experience, and fulfillment of obligations, as it contains a lot of products for various companies in the world. It is also characterized by Ease of work, allowing marketers to copy the link and then market it directly. This company is considered the biggest competitor of Clickbank.

Commission Junction Affiliate

What distinguishes CJ company more is the freedom to work, as you can work with it freely, in order to get a good monthly income. The more experience you have in marketing, the higher your profits, and all you have to do is market and promote the company's products by creating a blog and marketing those products or other many ways to market a product via the internet.

Regardless of all this, the profit rates vary from one company to another, but as for CJ, the profit value ranges from $1 to $100 per sale, of course, depending on the commodity to be marketed. You can earn a lot of money and achieve tremendous success in a short period of time by adopting methods that will enable you to bring visitors and customers to the product you will market.

Start with CJ here: Commission Junction Affiliate


PeerFly is the biggest competitor to Max bounty, the site is characterized by the quality of offers and also a real gold mine of many offers in many specialties, and is considered one of the best companies in affiliate marketing. But the only drawback of this company is that it does not accept newbies due to its strict recruitment policies of the company and its desire to maintain its status. What I adore about PeerFly is the "affiliate manager"; they are very responsive to your problems and if your relationship with them is positive, they will also provide you with the biggest and best offers.

Start with PeerFly herePeerFly

ShareASale Affiliate

The ShareASale network is a network that combines CPC and CPA offers, enabling you to advertise on the internet and make money from sales and free registration at the same time. The network has more than 3,150 online stores and more than 10,000 goods and services across practically all industries.

ShareASale Affiliate

This website has been specializing in affiliate marketing programs for 15 years, making it one of the top sites in affiliate marketing.

Start with ShareASale here: ShareASale affiliate


The MaxBounty Company is one of the most businesses in affiliate marketing because it has numerous offers in many different Domains. The only disadvantage of the MaxBounty company is that it is very strict about how it brings you traffic and does not accept beginners. Despite this, it strives to give its customers the best conversion rates, and in exchange, it pays advertisers well. If you experience high-quality conversions, you can also message your "Manager" to increase the commission you receive.

Start with MaxBounty hereMaxBounty

eBay Affiliate

One of the most well-known websites on the internet, eBay, is the first competitor to Amazon. All you need to do is sign up for the eBay program and begin promoting its products using your strategies.

eBay Affiliate

Start with eBay here: eBay affiliate

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