Affiliate and Influencer Marketing To Increase your profits

The prices of ads started to grow dramatically at the end of 2021 as a result of the intense competition, whether on Facebook, Google, or other platforms. Therefore, in order to retain or increase our earnings, we as marketers had to find a solution to this issue. Why not... I found an outdated yet incredibly effective marketing strategy after conducting numerous experiments with various sorts of marketing.

You'll ask me if I'm insane, but using affiliate and influencer marketing is incredibly costly.

You are correct, yet everyone now has influence thanks to the technological revolution that the world has seen. Everyone with a mouth is an influencer in my eyes who I can use to my advantage.

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

So, based on all I've said, I have three questions for you. If the answer is yes, read the entire article. If you're not interested, I suggest you keep working:

  • Do you want to include influencers in your marketing strategy?

  • Are you prepared to invest in influencers in order to identify the most prosperous ones?

  • Are you prepared to put all that I've shared with you in this post to use?

Close the page and carry on with your task if there is even a small amount of reluctance; this tactic won't work for you.

Let's get started because you've gotten to this point and are prepared to put everything I'm about to share with you to use!

What is an Influencer and  Marketing Affiliate?

Influencer marketing is traditional marketing as you see every day on TV, like Nike ads where you see Ronaldo doing an ad while wearing Nike shoes. In short, influencer marketing focuses on finding a famous person and the audience they follow is the audience your company or product is targeting.

But nowadays, it is not only celebrities who are the influencers, but perhaps the person who has only 5000 followers on Instagram, with whom you can make great profits, so what you should focus on in this type of marketing is the audience that follows a person.

What is influencer marketing

Should I approach Khloe Kardashian, who has 75 million followers, or Tony Robbins, who only has 2.4 million followers, to advertise my new business and marketing book?

Yes, Tony Robbins, even though I had to pay a hefty fee, his target market is that group.

Therefore, pay attention to the audience's characteristics rather than their quantity to determine whether or not they are a good fit for your offering.

Why is influencer marketing so important?

Let me ask you a question first, then you respond to this question. And be sincere with your response: When I went to the store to get a hat for you one day, I noticed that your favorite celebrity was sporting some sort of hat. Would you be willing to buy it?

If the response is affirmative, you are a typical person who thinks similarly to everyone else, which is a positive thing. Understanding this idea can enable you to increase your sales, particularly as a marketer.

First, let's address the query, "Why influencer marketing?"

Ignore the fact that the cost of advertisements or other things has gone up. I'll explain why big businesses are scrambling to recruit influencers to promote their goods to you now. Returning to the previous example, if you didn't see the actor wearing the hat but saw an advertisement for it and saw it on someone you don't know, would you still buy it if you saw it in the store?

Studies show that 8% of your purchase of that hat was a normal and expected percentage. Yes, believe it or not, the typical person views more than 3,700 advertisements a day.

You're unable to recall one of 3000 similar advertisements.


What if the ideal person for you, someone you adore and aspire to be one day, was added to this advertisement?

Yes, my friend, you will recall the entire advertisement, and as is well known, Nike is the best brand in the world at utilizing influencers in their advertisements. It'll allow you to see this commercial so you can expand your creative thinking.

This advertisement is regarded as one of the best advertising ever. You can find thousands of shares of this video on Facebook and channels if you search for "The Switch CR7" on YouTube. This is because all newspapers have covered it. As a result of this news, Nike's stock has increased dramatically, and what's most amazing is that it didn't spend any money on advertising.

You now have a clear understanding of influencer marketing's effectiveness.

How can I enhance my earnings by utilizing influencer marketing?

After reading this, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of this marketing technique because you lack the funds to hire these superstars.

Not to worry, I'll tell you everything. As I previously mentioned, everyone has something influential, but the influencer differs from person to person depending on the field and the number of followers. Marketing through influencers does not only apply to celebrities.

What about finding these influencers?

The process is really simple; all you need to do is choose the industry or specialty in which you want to work and then establish a hashtag on Instagram that includes your industry. Many people will use the #niche you are pursuing to demonstrate to you how they operate. For instance, I will work in the "fashion" industry since, as you can see, they are all influencers and I can profit from them.

Why is influencer marketing so important

Neil Patel constantly stated in his seminars that analysis is the most important aspect of marketing after enrolling in one of the "GA" courses for professional analysis.

I developed an advertisement using two influencers, the first of whom has 4,000 followers, and the second of whom has more than 65,000. Here's what I discovered. These two influential people are in the same major.

The first influence:

  • For a link in the bio + post + narrative that doesn't actually have a link but merely makes mentions that one is in the bio, the cost of the advertisement is $15.

The second influence:

  • A post plus a link in the bio plus a story post with a link to the store costs $85 for the advertisement.

When I first started working with influencers, I was just running an ad, evaluating the results, and determining whether to keep working with them or not. Most importantly, I had no idea who would generate more sales, so I kept working with both. Like creating a CPA advertisement without tracking software. I can give each influencer their own link using Google Analytics and its link-building tool, Campaign URL Builder, for instance:

  • First Influencer Link:

  • Second Influencer Link:

Through "Google Analytics," I can learn from them who the best influencer is for me in this way. To get a sale by following the "Thank you" page you Page," all you need to do is apply the tracking code for Google Analytics to your Shopify store. Excuse me since I won't go into detail about Google Analytics' explanation, but I promise to create a thorough guide about it.

Here are the results:

  • first influencer: 74 sales
  • second influencer: 57 sales

As you can see, even if I am a winner in both of these influencers, the owner of 4000 followers has helped me reach results and earnings that I never thought possible.

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of marketing, but you must test each influencer out until you find the finest one.

Second, avoid using influencer analysis software because their results are frequently unreliable. However, you can test these products out. Among the most important of these initiatives:

Even though there are many programs, it is preferable to search manually by observing the amount of interaction on the post, reading the comments, and determining whether they are professional and understand the topic at hand or simply automated versions of the well-known "Nice Pic" comment. Finally, try to set aside some time to personally check followers by visiting the profiles of the influencer's followers. After conducting a manual search, contact them and give it a shot. Google Analytics, which you will link to your Shopify store, is the ideal resource for verification. If you are unsure about how I suggest reading this Shopify instruction. As a result of the significance of "Google Analytics," I also vow to create a thorough guide on it.

How can I know if the campaign was successful or not?

Let me explain how the response to this question relies on your objective:

As a marketer with my own business, my primary priority is to double sales and maximize profits.

Companies utilize influencers occasionally just to gather email addresses from potential consumers so that they may contact them directly without needing to use the influencer every time. Companies are less interested in direct sales than they are in promoting their brand.

In order to evaluate your campaigns, do the following:

  • the proportion of followers the influencer gives you.
  • how many people liked your post on average?
  • how many people registered their email addresses and what percentage of visitors came to your site?
  • the proportion of sales you generated.

Depending on the number of followers and the level of competition in the broadcast you work in, the price you pay for influencers can exceed $10,000. However, I suggest you focus on common, unfamous profiles because they will accept any offer because they are unsure of their worth.

Because Facebook will decrease the percentage of reach on Instagram, which will result in significant losses for influencers and the individuals who depend on them, I do not suggest you rely entirely on this marketing plan.

Additionally, keep in mind that Facebook advertisements may be very profitable, particularly if you specialize in "retargeting." In order to double your income, you must retarget them because just 2% of direct purchases from advertisements occur.

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