Best 10 Free Wix Templates for Blog in 2023

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There are many free WIX templates, but finding a wonderful and compatible template with SEO is a bit difficult. But that doesn’t mean Wix doesn’t have good templates and is SEO compatible. Indeed, there are good and excellent templates, but in a small percentage. So today I will give you the best free WIX templates for the blogger this year.

best free wix templates for blog in 2022

The ideal blog helps create a unique experience for readers but gives an impression of your personality just as a blogger through the mold. It also gives you features that allow you to communicate better with your audience (such as the forum page or contact form). Focusing on your content as the main attraction.

Today I’ll show you the best templates 7 Blog Wix. And I’ve also included some other templates from outside the class code that can work well also.

Best Wix Blog Templates

Before we start offering free Wix templates. There are a few basic things you should know: although the names and forms of the templates that we will mention a little later you may find that some of them are related to a specific field (such as health, sports, and travel …).

 However, you can change the name, images, and colors until you find the look that best suits your blog. When you edit the template you’ll find yourself in full control of the colors and fonts. So don’t look for a template that matches your blog.

You should take into account that after choosing a template and modifying it. You will not be able to switch to another template without losing your work. So make sure that you are confident in your decision. You may be able to change it to another template if you know well how to save your work and retrieve it in the new template without losing anything.

Going Places – Travel Blog Template

The Going Places template has the best features among other templates. It allows you to choose between several ways to show your photos, and you can also merge them with Feed Instagram. I like also the mobility bar it is easy for visitors to move to the popular articles in the blog.

There is much in the mold of Additions pre-installed. Including videotapes and wicks, wicks chat, and – one of my favorites – forms wicks. You’ll also find other distinctive signs that model origin had to add, it’s so wonderful and will help you get new readers.

wix travel blog templates

Although the template is directed to travel blogs you can use it in many other areas. Such as photography, fashion, elegance, and wedding parties. Since the template depends on the images a lot, you can install it for your business mortar. It will be great for photographers, designers, and weddings to display their work. This allows customers to request price offers for their services or reserve appointments with ease, as the template is very simple.

Finally, Going Places is the best place to share your travel adventures with your blogger followers. With this amazing template, you can showcase the sights, sounds, and tastes of the destinations and places you visit.

Turning Heads – Wix Template Life Blog

It is one of the best templates for wicks personal blogs where people shared their life stories. It makes a wonderful blog content template and coordinator. You can through planning change the shape of your blog as you like. You can add to the original set some great extras. As a contact form, you can use it to get feedback from visitors.

The template is clean, elegant, and easy to use as well. Especially with the pre-installed Instagram Feed addon that will increase your love for the template. Of course, as with any Wix template, I will explain here. You can add any other apps to the template to expand the features of your site.

Turning Heads is the right place for creative bloggers who want to share their different projects and ideas. In this place, you can express what is in your heart and find other people with similar interests. Being able to inspire an audience through blogging and writing is a very cool feeling. Especially when you find the audience interacting with you, it makes you want to do it more.

Really this is the place for people who love to share their personal life and meet new, like-minded people. It will be easy to make friends because you both share common ideas.

House of Keto – Diet Blog Wix Template

House of Keto is a stunning template and fits bloggers who focus on the pictures in their content. This is also fantastic for bloggers who want to sell products or marketing. The image of each article appears in the page header in a large and attractive.

As they appear on the home page images are characteristic of prominent articles in the Code. You can also with a built-in Alazafh Instagram feed, convert the form of the mold of the type of health and food to any other type of blogs, books, cats, or games.

It comes with many great tools that will make your work easier. One of the most important of these tools is the Wix Content Manager which lets you manage your articles with ease.

Food Blog Website Template Wix, Keto blog

The Wix Stores tool will help you get all the features of e-commerce so you can sell physical or digital products on your blog.

As for the content management tool, it enables you to create a forum, in which the content you create, or any content provided by your visitors through the forum, is saved. You can then control how you want that content to be displayed on your blog.

The information stored in the Forums in the Content Manager can act as a database that you can use in your dynamic pages. For example, it can work well for a recipe database.

Halftimers – Wix Template Sports Blog & Podcast

Halftimers template is one of the best and most vibrant molds. Large pictures and distinctive colors give a feeling of comfort to the visitor in browsing and reading. While the white space helps in placing ads beautifully and unobtrusive to the visitor. You will notice that the template is different than the rest of the other templates. You can also change images, colors, and lines while keeping an excellent design.

One of the best features of this template is that it comes with a podcast feed built into Wix (you only need to link your RSS feed to be able to play it), so it’s a perfect template for podcast owners. The template will help you a lot to enhance the podcast side of your website, and the icons include several different platforms in the sidebar for Spotify and Apple Music…

Bump & Beyond – Wix Template Blog with a Forum 

For bloggers interested in the community and visitor reviews, the Bump & Beyond template provides a forum for visitors to ask questions and discuss topics related to your industry. The forum contributes to creating a strong blog structure. Wix Forums are automatically installed in the blog, allowing readers to communicate with each other, leave comments, and share information and ideas for blog content.

As for the template design. What makes it most attractive and easy to customize are the prominent images on each page. What distinguishes this template is that it is not directed to a specific blog field, all you have to do is change the images and colors to make the site yours instantly, whether you choose any fields, pets, meals, or the best hiking places, you will find it suitable with the template.

The Food Feed – Template Wix Food Blog

The Food Feed theme has a unique and attractive layout, with the navigation menu locked at the bottom of the screen making it suitable for mobile devices. If it doesn’t suit your style, you can change the color and font of the black and white tags that define the blog categories in the navigation menu. The template is geared toward chefs and restaurants, but you can easily modify it to include recipes or home décor…

This template comes with Wix Chat Forums automatically installed. The forum in your blog will help you a lot. For example: if you are a cooking blogger, readers can talk to you about your recipes, share their dishes and cuisine, or recommend their favorite restaurants. Or if you blog about crafts and arts, visitors can share their own creations in the form of photos.

Walkaway – Wiix Template Business Blog

 This template isn’t quite like the rest of the super boring business blog templates, with heaps of black-and-white posts and small photos. The template is much more interesting – a bit more color, great graphics, and a choice of font.

The Walkaway theme definitely works best for a news or business blog. Where the focus is more on conveying information clearly, with a host of other excellent plugins. With this great template, the latest posts on your homepage will be front and center, making it easier for you to update and find readers.

Ashley – Personal Vlog Template Wix

Ashley’s template is one of the best personal templates, and it only has one page. It’s a great option if your blog’s focus is on video or podcast content. With this template, you will have a great central place where you display all your work.

If you don’t want to write articles and want simple and concise content then this template is right for you. All you need to get started is to activate a Wix blog before you can use it. However, it is a clean and simple design and is loved by designers and artists the most.

Template – Coming Soon – Wix Landing Page

Coming Soon Template One of the best landing page templates for Wix. This template is professionally designed and easy to use. It is used by many companies, graphic designers, and professionals, and it is also widely used in the field of marketing.

This template is so important in attracting new users to your business that a person “lands” on it after clicking on it from social media, an ad, or another digital site.

When you bring people from a social networking site to your Wix landing page. It will alert new visitors to the aesthetics and professionalism of the model. They will increase their trust in you to sign up directly and create their email account.

After collecting a good number of emails, you will have a confirmed audience base. And you can target them at any time you want, and you can market anything, products, services, offers, and even your articles. You can send emails with the help of one of the sites that specialized in email marketing. Because you will not be able to send emails manually, especially with the increase in the number of emails.


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