Best 6 Free SEO Tools for YouTube 2022

 Creating content on YouTube is one of the best areas to work on the Internet. And It is one of the biggest competitors of social networks. And if you want to enter the content industry on YouTube, you need YouTube SEO tools, to ensure your success in this field.

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google, and it has about 1.9 billion active users. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine on the Internet after the main website of the parent company Google. And a large number of users search for videos that solve their various inquiries and questions and then find satisfactory results for them there on Youtube.

SEO Tools YouTube

With these considerations, creating YouTube content is probably worth the effort. But if you want to get the best results on your YouTube channel. You need to make sure that your videos meet SEO standards and appear in search results. With SEO, you can do marketing to your content for free.

To have a better experience with YouTube SEO, you will need some SEO tools that will make the process easier for you, and help you improve your YouTube videos according to the SEO standards. So today I will share with you the 6 best SEO tools for YouTube.

1. Find trending topics using Google Trends

YouTube content creators can talk in different fields, but sometimes YouTubers are surprised that their video has not received any views. This is because the owner of the channel did not know if there was a request about the topic he was talking about. 

Now, there is no doubt that you will agree with me that this is the biggest problem that content creators fall into. “That you get tired until you create a video and it does not receive any interaction”. But don’t worry, this is where Google Trends comes in to solve this problem.

The way to use the Google Trends tool is very simple. You can find the trending topic by entering your main topic, then selecting “Search on YouTube”. Then select the geographic region, category, and time period to get accurate results.

The tool gives you another great feature, which is that you can add another topic to your main topic to compare them and see who will be the most interactive.

Google Trends

Google Trends also offers you a list of questions people ask about each topic. Which you can also use as an idea for your video.

Bonus: You can specify tags in Google Trends related to your main topic to increase your videos’ ranking capabilities in YouTube search results.

Tool price: Free

2. Extract keyword ideas from Google Ads

It often takes a lot of time to find the perfect keywords for your content. But this is probably the best investment you can make in developing your YouTube strategy.

This is where Google Ads comes in to help you find the perfect keywords for your content, fast and for free.

To use this tool you just need to go to the Google Ads Keyword Planner. And then put together a set of keywords related to your topic. You can perform an initial keyword search to select the search keywords with the greatest potential.

google ads keyword planner

Keyword Planner can extract a lot of keyword ideas based on your original keyword or phrase. You can look at the average monthly search queries and the percentage of competition in all the keywords to choose the most suitable one. Then you can upload your keyword list with one click.

Bonus: You can enter several keywords at the same time – with the ability to put a title for that group.

Tool price: Free

3. Use the ranking tracker to search for keywords

You will no doubt have noticed that when you type something into the search field on YouTube. Words related to the same word you typed appear. This in itself is a way to find keywords or you can use Rank Tracker’s keyword research and analysis tool.

With Rank Tracker you can extract ideas and keywords and highlight important indicators such as search volume, competition, etc.

ranking tracker

To check the rating and get the keywords that give good results for the video in a specific time period. Pay attention to keywords with a large number of searches – they are likely to help you get first place in the search engine and then a lot of views.

Bonus: You can track the ranking of your videos after they are launched in the YouTube search engine.

Tool Price: The tool is completely free. But there are paid versions starting at 124$ and 299$. And there is also a trial version

4. Optimize your channel content with TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is one of the most powerful YouTube SEO tools that major YouTubers use. The tool is an add-on to the browser used by many content creators on YouTube, because of its features and characteristics that help them better manage, monitor, and improve their channels.

It also has a TubeBuddy application available on the phone. The application will help you easily follow and improve the YouTube channel of the YouTuber while using it.

The tool helps you to improve several things in your channels such as titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, flashcards, and more.


All you have to do is install the plugin and integrate it into your YouTube for the tool to work. Then it will provide you with valuable information about all your YouTube videos. 

With the tool, you can choose tags for any video in a simple and easy way. Thus you will save a lot of time that you would have spent searching for the best tags match within 500 characters.

Tubebody also gives you tips and tricks to speed up the growth of your channel. In addition, with the tool, you can provide automatic verification to ensure that your videos are formed correctly (follow YouTube recommendations).

Bonus: The tool allows you to “VIDEO A/B TESTS” to test titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions to find the best ones.

Tool Price: The tool is completely free, but there are paid versions:

  • professional: from $9 per month.
  • Star: $19 every month.

  • Legend: $49 per month.

5. Manage your channel like a pro with VidIQ

VidIQ is another YouTube channel management tool that acts as a browser add-on. The tool shows you important statistics for all YouTube videos. This means that you can scan any video of your competitors, analyze it and understand how it is built.

“The Most Viewed” feature inside the tool allows you to decide to compare the most popular YouTube videos against each other. For more information, you can add channels in your field and compare them with your own. After you know the channel errors, you will be able to know the methods that must be taken into account to improve the performance.


You can go even further and use the “Email Alerts” service to keep track of what’s trending in your area (or through your competitors’ channels). You can also use the Facebook auto-share feature and instantly share your video across platforms.

Bonus: With the VidIQ tool, you can see the number and percentage of keywords in the video.

Tool Price: The tool is completely free, but there are paid versions:

  • Pro: $7.50 per month.
  • VIP: $39 per month.

6. Analyze your channel using YouTube Analytics

If you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your channel, you will not find it better than YouTube Analytics. which is one of the best tools for SEO on youtube.

With the tool, you can learn more about your audience, about the content that grabs their attention and makes them stay longer on your channel, and about the videos, they want to watch. By having all this important information, you will then be able to maintain your presence on YouTube and enhance your presence on it.

Everyone agrees that long videos are popular on YouTube. We also know that all YouTube algorithms focus on watch time. So it is imperative that we take a close look at watch time and reports to study average watch time.

youtube analytics

You also need to know which of the videos people subscribe to the most. Especially since new subscribers give you a huge advantage in YouTube search.

bonus: Check your interactions reports for the past 6 months to identify patterns in likes, favorites, comments, or shares

Tool Prices: The tool is completely free


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