Best Freelancer Sites to Find Job in 2023

Now in our time, most people have become very familiar with what is known as freelancing or freelance work. Or as it is known on social media sites such as freelancer.

Many people prefer to work without scheduling work. And most people also do not want to live with a specific job salary. Without achieving anything new in their life or even increasing their income from other means.

And if you are thinking of increasing your income alongside your primary business via the Internet. This post is for you. Or even if you are a beginner and do not know what sites enable you to start work. And how to use them correctly.

Best Freelancer Sites

Now, in this post, we will review many sites that help you start your new freelancer project and get profits for the work you did.

The sites that we will review for you today are sites where you pay for important services you need while working as a freelancer, such as protection, ensuring that your profits reach you properly, and ensuring credibility between the applicant and the freelancer.

You can start on these sites by logging in to any site you want in this post. To start your business as a freelancer and make profits based on your skills.


PeoplePerHour is similar to other sites, but it has something important to distinguish it from other sites. When you notice the name of the site, you will find that it shows you that it is for those who work by the hour.

This is the only way to use this site but also depends on your skills and experience in the field you have chosen to work on.

When searching for new projects, you will need to use a tool or option called Sell and offer to sell your skills, and from here you can search for jobs and projects through short words, and when you finish searching for a job, you will send your offers for these projects.

Clients on this platform can search for what matches their requests or projects. And contact you if you are compatible with these projects and start working for them.

One of the best freelance websites, you can trust it and start working with complete ease.

Visit PeoplePerHour


When you start on the UpWork site. You will undoubtedly notice that it is a site with a very large number of customers. Exceeding 1.5 million customers, and this will undoubtedly help you get a lot of work as a Freelancer.

You can start working on a site in any field. Whether it is in web development or application development. Or even content writing, and other fields such as e-marketing, and sales. And many other areas that this wonderful site contains.


To get started on the site, you will need to log in and complete the data of your personal account and profile. After that, you can start looking for work or projects that you will start working on.

But remember that there are thousands more working on the site. Where your skills and the pricing of your work play an important role in getting the work or project you are going to do, that’s when you start getting it.

After you accept any project that you have applied for, you will undoubtedly need to talk to the client to finish the project as he wants according to the price you have specified or even as the agreement ends.

Indeed, UpWork is a very special platform and is considered one of the most popular platforms for freelancing on the Internet.

Visit the UpWork


SpeedLancer is primarily intended to be the easiest freelance platform. Just create an account on the site and search for projects that match your abilities and skills. You can register in any field you want.

Such as design, writing, technology, development, data entry, search engines, short words, and more jobs as well.

This site provides you with fast communication with customers and therefore takes a percentage of the profits because it provides you with distinguished service, and you will make money very well, but with paid services.

Visit SpeedLancer


Also look at groups that are in the field of work, as well as groups that are in the field of work, as well as groups that are in the field of work, as well as groups that are in the field of work, in addition, start work directly.

And you can register for any tasks you want on the site, where many of them are available, such as website development, search engine analysis, writing, mobile applications, logo design, graphic design, data entry, and many more fields that are widely available on this site.


You definitely need to log in and create your profile that adequately explains what your skills and previous work are if you have previous professional history in any of the aforementioned fields, and then search for new projects to work on according to your own skills.

Like the previous platform, the better and greater your skill is, the better it will be for you for sure. And it must be noted that the site deducts part of your profits in every work you do in exchange for profit in a safe manner and using this platform to work.

Visit FreeLancer


GURU is another old but very good site for freelancing, it was one of the most popular freelancing sites. But it is not like that now because the two most popular sites in the field are FreeLancer and UpWork. But this site is a very good option if you want to make more money by working online.

Like the rest of the other platforms, it allows you to search for the job that interests you. Such as web design, development, IT field, design, writing, marketing, accounting, sales, and many other fields capable of freelancing.

Everything on this platform is similar to other platforms. As it provides protection services for payment and guarantees the right to profit money in a safe way.

Visit GURU


Fiverr is also a good option to sell your skills and get more profits. This site is a good option for those looking for short-term projects to work on many projects that are not long in execution.

you can work on, such as the field of search engines, design, and development, digital marketing, programming, and writing. And other things that you will definitely find like other platforms.


You can also start working from this site with four starting from only $ 5. And this is something special to allow the opportunity for any skill you have, no matter how small. You will definitely benefit from it.

Visit Fiverr


Toptal is also a freelance platform but is better dedicated to tablet devices to work as a freelancer. Much like the same other platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.

You can search for careers such as development, design, economics, search engines, digital marketing, and more.

This platform is more dedicated to touching screens to provide greater ease of working as a freelancer.

Visit TopTal


If you work in the field of design. You can start with this site and see the work that you can implement. This site provides many services for designers with ease of use of the platform for customers.

Unlike other platforms, it is only intended for design work. You can also use it as your first destination if you wish.

Visit 99designs


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