Best platforms to build an eCommerce store for free

The best sites to create a free online store give you the opportunity to make money online. You also get a good business plan that you can rely on for a long time.

You just need new and creative ways in order to attract a lot of people to your store. So today we will show you the best sites to create a free online store in 2023.

build an eCommerce store

Small business owners often need new and innovative ways in order to be able to gain more customers and reach what they want. This can be done by creating a site on one of the social media to attract more people. Or you can take advantage of one of the following sites to make your own:

Wix website

This site offers you many options in order to make your own store site. The site offers also many of its own drag-and-drop tools. As well as more small store templates whatever the type of store if it is a clothing store or flower inevitably you will find the template that fits what you require.

It will also give you many advantages that are based on the following:

  • You can store up to 20 GB.
  • It has unlimited bandwidth.
  • Advertising coupons up to $300 are available.
  • It has many applications for website promotion and form creation.

Besides, it provides you with a wide variety of applications in the store. That can help you put more features on your site and increase the number of visitors to the site. But the only drawback is that it locks the advanced Icon of the website you will not be able to later put certain colors or advanced editing of images.

Visit Wix

Squarespace site

One of the most important sites for making e-stores. As it is considered a fully dedicated platform for e-commerce as also provides a powerful set of e-commerce tools. Wix offers you the ability to create the store through some simple steps.


It is very suitable for beginners because it provides a step-by-step guide to its use. Provides them with numerous templates, is adjustable, and adds any of the multiple options.

Visit Squarespace

Jimdo website

This site can be considered among the best sites to create a free e-store. As it helps to make a special e-store within a record period of time. In addition to choosing the template for the store through a large range of options and additions. And the site is unique that it uses artificial intelligence in order to create e-stores.

The site also provides a distinguished group that works to help coordinate products to increase customer attraction. Through the site, you can put an automatic response message to respond to any inquiries from customers. And this will increase your visibility to users.

Jimdo Service is fun and easy to use. And has a large international user base of small businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer it to create simple and straightforward websites.

The biggest strengths of Jimdo are speed and ease of use. With this service, you can create a professional-looking site quickly and without any difficulties.

Visit Jimdo

WordPress site

WordPress is one of the most used platforms around the world to write content on some blogs in several areas such as cooking, art, news, and others.

You can also build an online store on it when you add the tool Woocommerce. This is in most cases without paying any fees unless you subscribe to a landing page and so on. And the price is appropriate, not high.

If you are a beginner, you can create your own store on this site. But do not prefer to use it for long periods because it is not a specialized site in stores. But it specialized in blogs more, so it is more suitable to create a blog on it.

Visit WordPress

Shopify site

Shopify It is one of the most famous sites to create huge e-stores in the world. As it has a high ranking because it enables you to create an integrated e-store without any monthly subscription.

And also provides you with the ability to become the owner of a huge brand and many products so as not to be affected by the speed of the performance of the store. In addition to the opportunity to link the store to the application of Facebook to market products.


It also provides a payment service through PayPal, and you can view all your products in a clear way, you can add detailed product descriptions, and manage an infinite number of products, and its customer service is available 24 hours a week.

Visit Shopify

OpenCart website

OpenCart is a self-hosted e-commerce platform that allows full control over the design of your store. You can install OpenCart directly on your computer, or choose to open a cloud-based store instead.

Although programming is a must to get the most out of OpenCart, if you can combine your programming skills with available plugins, you’ll have the ability to fully customize your store.

Pre-built administrative pages, such as product categories, page designs, orders, customer lists, and marketing campaigns are just the bare minimum to start your store.

For more features, you’ll have to take advantage of add-ons.

OpenCart’s store has more than 13,000 free and paid extensions, consisting of templates, payment portals, sales reports, and other useful modules.

Developers are constantly adding new additions, allowing your store to grow and change as you gain more customers. OpenCart is like WordPress for e-commerce.

Price of OpenCart: the software is free for unlimited products; paid extensions from 20$;

You can rely on this platform when making an online store because it provides you with all the Add-ons and tools without paying any final material fees.

Visit OpenCart

Site123 site

This site is classified as one of the best sites to create a free e-store. And it offers the easiest tools to create websites and e-stores with ease. You can use ready-made designs or templates, as you do not need to learn any programming skills. With this site through 3 steps, you will be able to create your own e-store.

This is in addition to that it is fast and easy, in less than 30 minutes you will upload your content and start publishing it. And all the stores that are made through it fit any phone and are fully responsive. And it has been optimized through SEO search engines that improve your results and increase your visibility and Marketing traffic for you.

Visit Site123

Today it is easy and simple to create online stores, and you can create your own through one of the free sites, which provides you with a lot of special and unique tools to have a special store.


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