Online marketing affiliate programs without a website 2022

Sometimes creating a website and earning from online marketing affiliate programs can be a daunting task for beginners. But actually, you can do affiliate marketing without creating any website.

Now you can! and you can make very good money with the methods that I am going to show you today. It seems that you have seen the large sums that marketers earn, and you want to join this field.

online marketing affiliate programs without a website

You may have noticed that in most affiliate marketing courses, you are required to create a website and publish marketing links in your content. But while this is a very good strategy, it doesn’t work for everyone. If you are not an expert in creating websites, it can be difficult for you to create a blog and stay motivated throughout the process.

We are glad to share with you this article, How to make money through affiliate marketing without creating a website.

Online marketing affiliate programs that don’t need a website

There are some online marketing affiliate programs that require owning a website, in order for you to work on their program. Amazon is one of the most famous of these sites, as it allows you to publish links to its products on your site.

But don’t worry, there are so many great affiliate programs out there that they don’t care if you have a website or not. You just have to be aware of the requirements before applying to participate in their affiliate programs and ClickBank is one of the most popular online marketing affiliate programs that you can work with without owning a website.

Use social networks to post links

We already share what we love on our social media accounts, so why we are not getting paid for it through affiliate marketing? I've already thought about this in the past but noticed that some marketing links are not accepted. Because Facebook or any other social networking platform blocks these links and considers them spam.

If you do not use the desired methods on these online marketing affiliate programs, you may have to find an alternative solution. If you haven’t done anything wrong, why can’t your links work.?

Sometimes social media sites may block the entire domain. If you find that this is the case, you can use "PHP" to hide your affiliate link so that social networking sites can't see any domain taken from it and allow you to post it. But despite all these deceptions, social networking sites are developing daily and discovering them.

Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook

Facebook now has about 1.5 billion active daily users, which for us means many potential customers for the affiliate offers that you will be promoting.

You can post information about offers on your page or in groups, but you can also use ads on Facebook to spread information faster.

Examine and analyze advertising campaigns. To make sure you get the highest conversion rates and show you the most profitable affiliate offers. This may seem a little boring, but testing and analyzing your ads individually can make all the difference.

Facebook groups are another way to promote your offers to people who are interested in the same offer you are.

Do not add people to your group randomly and without their permission. You must have a smart way to attract people to your group with a question you ask in your case, or by advertising so that you know that they are valuable customers, and you will benefit from them.

Use your videos in marketing and combine them with affiliate marketing offers.

Using Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

You can find a lot of good clients and get direct sales from Twitter. All of this is only if you know how to publish tweets targeting the right audience. Or if you know how to build good relationships with your Twitter followers, and earn their trust. When you gain the trust of your followers, they will not hesitate to buy the product you are marketing for.

Twitter is a customer-rich place, so you can find people of all kinds, so it doesn't matter who your audience is. Most likely, they are tweeting and interacting with you, or at least reading your tweets.

The only thing that you should take away from is posting links, you should not post them too much on your account, and you should wait some time until you post another link. If you do not respect this, you will be surprised that your account will be closed and you will not be able to restore it again.

Using Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing by using Instagram

The Instagram platform is the ideal place for lovers of posting photos and is also a treasure for marketers. There are two ways to market your offers on Instagram:

  • The first way that requires you to build your long-term followers to gain their trust and then share offers with them.
  • And the paid way is through advertising campaigns and then marketing your offers.

You may have heard before about ways to increase Instagram followers, you should know that all of these methods will not benefit you in marketing, but will only lead to account closure. If you get followers by following them until they reply to you to follow and you unsubscribe. It is more likely that they will be very excited about your content and will interact with your photos.

When you have a large number of followers, they are more likely to follow the links you share.

You must be smart and know how to share links on Instagram.

The solution to not being able to publish links on Instagram is :

Use some phrases that will make your followers feel confident and try to show them that your purpose is not to profit from them. Use phrases like: "Do you want to know more?" . Click on the link to find out more.

Your followers will now know how to go directly to the product or service you are talking about, just by going to your resume.

Instagram offers a great feature, which is Link Tree, this feature enables you to put three links in your bio. So that you have many links on the page you publish in your resume. You may need to launch several affiliate products simultaneously, and I think this is the best way to do it.

Using YouTube for Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is a treasure trove for marketers, with billions of users daily. This means that it has many target customers.

YouTube is the perfect place where people look for solutions to their problems. People go to YouTube to learn everything from how to choose the right golf clubs to skincare products.

This time, instead of being a consumer, you can be the one who provides solutions to people's problems and then make money. This will seem to you at first exhausting and boring, but over time, you will find yourself owning a successful YouTube channel.

First, you will search for some simple keywords by typing potential keywords in the YouTube search bar. Most likely, you will see many similar phrases pop up. Then you will see if anything is suitable for your video. All that's left for you is to see the search results that are already displayed and take some information from them that will help you in your video.

At first, you find yourself not having any significant influence on YouTube. You'll need to gain some influence by creating videos that can be categorized according to simple criteria. Once Google sees that your channel is valuable and has good content, it will be easier for you to get subscribers to your channel. By ranking your videos in search results.

Affiliate marketing in forums

There are now forums for all areas, for almost anything you can think of. Your cat breed will most likely have its own forum, so don't think that you can't find a forum with the same niche as the products you will be promoting.

Before you start working in a forum, you should know a rule that all the people there agree on. People in the forums have one purpose, which is to talk and discuss topics. Do not advertise your products and services, you will be blocked directly.

What you can do in this case is to put the link on your profile. Almost every forum allows you to put a link in your profile. But before adding any link, read the forum rules regarding the types of links you can post.

Once you've found an active forum that lets you put a link in your profile, it's time to be useful. Whenever there are questions about your product, you can answer them and provide helpful non-promotional advice.

You will find that people have started interacting with your answers and will visit your profile, you will find that many people have already followed your link, and then you will start noticing your first sales.

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